Attorneys at Law

Areas of Law


One of our largest client bases is the banking industry, where we represent both national- and state-chartered banks in the Fulton and Knox County areas.


Our attorneys routinely assist clients in incorporating their businesses, preparing and filing Articles of Incorporation, preparing Bylaws, Shareholder Agreements and stock certificates, filing annual reports with the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office, attending annual meetings and preparing minutes of the annual meetings of the shareholders and directors. We also address business succession planning issues and represent several not-for-profit associations.

Probate of Estates

Our attorneys have decades of experience in the area of probate of estates, ranging in value from millions of dollars to the smallest estate in which the only probate property is a parcel of real estate. We prepare and file estate tax returns, review heirship and marshal assets, assisting the executor and beneficiaries in collecting assets and settling claims against the estate.

Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, Advance Directives and Guardianships

Our attorneys and staff assist clients with their choices in the area of estate planning, including preparation of wills and trusts, as well as advance directives, such as property powers of attorney, health care powers of attorney, living wills and guardianships, with a focus both toward elder law and the special needs of their descendants.

Real Estate

Our attorneys handle all types of real estate transactions, including farm and residential sales, estate and farm auctions, sale of hunting ground and sale of real estate in conjunction with the sale or purchase of a business. The firm serves as a title agent for Attorneys’ Title Guaranty Fund, Inc.

Buy-Sell Agreements

Our attorneys have served as primary counsel in many sales, purchases and merging of businesses, including farm operations, an asphalt/paving business, nursing homes, grain-handling businesses, chiropractic clinics, storage unit facilities and home health care services.

Agricultural Law

Another of our largest client bases is farmers, where we represent both corporate and individual farmers, focusing on current farm issues, farm business succession planning and tax issues.

Governmental Entities

Each of our attorneys is experienced in representing municipalities, townships and other governmental organizations, including community colleges, schools and park districts.

Civil Litigation and Appeals

Our attorneys are experienced in civil litigation and routinely handle lawsuits in the construction industry, commercial litigation, business disputes, property damage, bankruptcy and foreclosure actions on behalf of creditors, as well as other general litigation matters.